FUXX people who stand still on the left side of a moving escalator.

FUXX the unexpected item in the bagging area.

FUXX people who walk slowly up the stairs in public places.

FUXX when the bus is actually early for once, resulting in you missing it and subsequently being 20 minutes late for work.

FUXX working until you’re 70. FUXX work.

FUXX Islamaphobia.

FUXX gentrification; like seriously FUXX pushing people out of their homes.

FUXX infidelity, FUXX Homophobia and FUXX ignoring Mental Health.

FUXX those who don’t respect feminism.

FUXX being sent a video that plays out loud in public… sounding like a Kardashian sex tape.

FUXX the Kardashians.

FUXX getting a ticket for illegally parking for like two seconds.

FUXX having to wake up in the middle of the night to pee.

FUXX when your laptop dies without warning and your work is unsaved.

FUXX the Kardashians (again).

FUXX everything.
FUXX is the freedom of speech, the freedom of expression. 
For the average Jo(e), for hard workers, for tax payers, for creatives, for artists, for listeners, for those who care, for those who don’t care, for the higher ups, for the lower class, the fuxxers and the fuxxed.
In a censored society we came here to say FUXX that.


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